Will Roof Coatings Help Prevent Water Intrusion?

Roof coatings are becoming well recognized for the many benefits they provide. Among these benefits is the ability to help prevent water intrusion. To really understand this it means realizing what some of the potential causes of water intrusion can be. Any roof is subjected to the elements of the weather. Sun, heat, rain, frost and snow can over time compromise a roof where it can begin to start leaking.
Over time these elements can cause the roof materials that your roof is comprised to weaken. For example, the sun can cause the roofing materials to become dry and brittle where there will start to form small cracks. Shingles can begin to loosen off and curl. Humidity can cause condensation to build on the roof which when over the years this repeatedly happens it can cause the roof to deteriorate.
Roof coatings provide protection against these elements which in turn helps to prevent the damage they can cause such as water intrusion. If a roof has already been compromised then it needs to be repaired or replaced if it’s in really bad shape. Then a proper roof coating will help to prevent this damage from occurring again. It provides an extra protection but it must be done properly and with quality products that have been tested and proven to be effective as a protective coating. In order to ensure that this is being done it is best to rely on roof coating professionals. These are the experts that can first determine if the roof qualifies for a roof coating. If it doesn’t then they will be able to identify what needs to be corrected prior to the application. Then finally this is a service that should be carried out by professionals who specialize in this and have the proper products and equipment as well as expertise.

What Makes a Roof Coating Service Trustworthy?

Choosing to have a roof coating applied to your roof is going to bring you many benefits. After all, you are protecting your home or office! However, it is important to know that the actual products being used have been tried, tested, and approved. There are European standards that when met, grant that the products being utilized are going to deliver the benefits they are being promoted for.

When choosing a roof coating provider, you should ask what quality certifications they have obtained. The most important ones will be those which prove that the products being used have passed all of the tests that evaluate the main components of the roof coating which are…

Tensile Strength:
For roof coatings to last a long time, they need to be flexible, and this is what tensile strength refers to.

Water Vapor Permeability:
This refers to the capability of allowing the vapor to dissipate, and is called breathability

Water Impermeability:
A roof coating must be able to prevent water from penetrating into the lower levels.

The product has to have strong enough adhesive qualities to remain in place for a long period.

These are just four of the components that are subjected to rigid testing, and if the products pass them, then they should possess DIN EN ISO certificates.

While this type of testing and certifications give you the confidence in knowing that the roof coating specialists are using quality products, you will also want to make sure that the roof coating is being done by reliable professionals. Looking at the certifications that the company holds will help you to determine this. For example, being on the Approved Trades Register implies counting on a highly regarded certification.

If you are interested in having your roof protected with a roof coating service that has all of the required qualifications and certifications, then please, look  here.

Could a Roof Coating Save You Money?

When one is looking at a roof coating it should be viewed as the cheaper way to go if compared to replacing the roof. This may be seen as a way to save money, but it is important to understand the purpose of roof coating so one can realize its money saving benefits in a proper manner.
The solution for a roof that is damaged first has to be repaired. This should be done at the first sign that something has compromised the integrity of the roof. For example, a small leak may be easily repaired but if left unattended then before long it may mean that an entire new roof will be needed.
Roof coatings are considered as a preventative measure. This is a product/service that has been designed to protect the roof from the damage that can occur from the constant exposure to the elements such as the sun, heat, rain, frost and snow. This is where the money saving benefits can be realised. By extending the life of the roof it means that it won’t need repairing or replacing as quickly as it might without such protection.
By having a roof coating applied before damage occurs, you will potentially be saving money from repairs and replacement. Then you also have to consider the additional damage that can come with a leaking roof. Often the water leaking in can cause affect other components of the home such as between the walls. The repairs for this type of damage can come with a hefty cost. With the use of roof coating as a preventative measure you are potentially saving yourself the cost of these additional repairs.
Using a quality and experienced professional to apply your roof coating will mean that it’s first going to be fully inspected to insure no repairs are needed. The roof will be properly cleaned so the roof coating can be applied efficiently, and in return you are saving yourself a great deal of money by minimizing future roof problems.

Are All Roof Coatings the Same?

When something comes on the market that can enhance one’s home it isn’t long before there are many similar products that follow it. This can now create a challenge in knowing what is the best product to use? As a rule products can be similar but are not usually identical. This is something that should be considered when thinking about roof coatings. There are many different types and many are similar but are not the same.

When it comes to roof coatings you may think about them in different categories. There are those that are classed as professional products and those that a homeowner may be able to buy at their local building supply. There is a reason for the distinction in these types of products. Usually when one thinks about professional products they are considered to be superior. At the same time they demand the application be made by professionals who know how to work with the product.

When it comes to the roof of your home or business this is not something that you want to take a chance with when it comes to being able to protect it. This is the main function of roof coatings. This is a procedure where a quality roof coating product is applied to the roof in a proper manner. When this is done it offers many benefits. It can protect the roof from the elements. Which in turn, helps to protect the roof’s components, and helps to prevent damage and slows down the wear and tear caused from aging.

A professional application of roof coating means the service providers are using professional products along with the proper equipment and utilizing the expertise needed for the proper application. This is the main differences between professional roof coating products and those you may buy that you can apply yourself.